Shower Head Installation in Golden Beach, FL Tips

If you are looking to add a little extra “wow” factor to your home, the best way to remodel your bathroom in our opinion is to renovate the shower.

As you already know, there are many ways to enhance your shower, remodel or upgrade it.

Some of those items include, tiles, doors and the shower head.

Most people do not talk about it, but there are quite a few reasons why you should update the shower head. Doing a shower head installation in Golden Beach, FL is a must if you live in the Miami area.

Some of the best and more practical reasons to install a shower head are to save water, to enhance aesthetics and to improve water flow.

We’re here to tell you a few types of shower heads and list the benefits as well. Knowing the types and benefits of shower heads will help your shower install go smoother, save you money and will in the long run make you very happy.

Here are some of the reasons….

Shower Head Installation in Golden Beach, FL Types & Benefits

There are many types of shower heads and plenty of benefits, so let’s list several of the important ones…

Standard wall mount shower head– There are plenty features of the standard wall-mounted shower head. There are heavy models that adjust with multiple spray modes and others that are very elaborate. For the most party, these systems usually have the most features. In our opinion, this is always a great place to start your search.

Top mount shower head – This usually means water falling from the top to the bottom. It can be mounted on the ceiling or hands from an extension arm.

Sliding bar shower head – Moves up and down along a wall-mounted base. It is one of the most accommodating systems, because it responds to the person’s height. It is fixed or removable.

Handheld shower head – These shower heads are the most accommodating for sure. The handheld can be removed from the mounting and it allows you to reach hard to reach places.

And yes, there are more things to learn about shower heads. If you want to learn more about doing a bathroom remodel in Golden Beach, FL contact MIA Construction and we’ll help you.

MIA Construction is a general contractor in Miami, FL and specializes in doing a shower head installation in Golden Beach, FL and in the Miami Dade county in Florida.

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