Consider These 5 Items During a Bathroom Remodel in Miami

Bathroom remodels can range from simply changing out the paint color on the walls and a few fixtures to gutting the entire room and starting from scratch.  We urge you to look around your bathroom and see what parts you love, and which parts you could simply live without and really want to change.  That alone will give you a good idea of what needs to be completed during your bathroom remodel.

Of course, we also have a few things that we normally recommend for bathroom remodels and we want to share them with you today.

Consider These 5 Items During a Bathroom Remodel in Miami

1.       Install a Walk-In Shower

Most people we know still have those combination tubs and showers, but they are a thing of the past.  It is time to replace those eyesores with a luxurious walk-in shower, complete with steam features, water jets, and even a bench to sit on after those long days.

2.       Consider a Soaking Tub Carefully

Some people cannot live without their soaking tub, while others never even give it a moment’s thought.  Therefore, we encourage you to really think about a soaking tub before you have one installed during your bathroom remodel.  If you know you will use it, then absolutely use that real estate in the room.  However, if you know that you won’t, we recommend saving that space for something else.

3.       Install a Refreshment Area

Imagine brewing a cup of coffee in the morning in your bathroom, so it is ready for when you take your shower or pouring that glass of wine right before stepping into a hot bath.  Both those scenarios are possible if you install a refreshment area in your bathroom.  Yes, this might seem a little luxurious, but you truly deserve it in this space.

4.       Add More Lighting

Older bathrooms only have one light and that light is practically useless when it comes to everything that you need to do in this space.  We recommend adding multiple types of lighting and placing them on dimmer switches as well.  This will ensure that you can control the lighting throughout the room, and have it fit your current needs.

5.       Add More Storage

Storage is always at a premium in bathrooms, which is why we want to encourage you to add a little more.  There are many ways you can do this, whether it is a small cabinet, floating shelving, a new vanity, or even a recessed wall with cubbies. These five items will make your bathroom look better than ever and you can choose to do more with this space if you wish.  No matter what, we will be supportive of your bathroom remodel in Miami and will help you turn this room into the space you have been dreaming about .

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