Interior Design Kitchen Remodel in Miami Mistakes

So you have decided to do a kitchen remodel in Miami? We are excited for you!

Before you jump right into the project, you should know that there are many things that can go wrong on your kitchen renovation project, like mistakes.

Since we are interior designers in Miami, that is why we would like to help you with your project and tell you the most common interior design problems when renovating your kitchen.

We compiled a small list for you to look at for your perusal.

Interior Design Kitchen Remodel in Miami Mistakes

Choosing An All White Kitchen

Of course there is nothing to wrong with having an all white kitchen, but it is a shame if you never considered using color. Having an accent color makes your kitchen more unique and different.

A common accent color combination used is black and white. It is a vintage timeless combination. At the same time, it can be very modern. You should definitely explore this color combination.

Designing An Outdoor Kitchen As A Warm Space

Most outdoor kitchens are designed with summer in mind. This especially holds true for a outdoor kitchen remodel in Miami. But even though we do not really experience all 4 seasons, we do get rain and it gets cold occasionally. Think about using TREX and powder coated stainless steel.

Neglecting The Small Things

It’s the small things that matter, sometimes. Having unique handles or picking unique ceiling can easily make or break a kitchen in terms or high-end, modern or vintage. Even using a matte vs a semi-gloss paint makes a huge difference in a kitchen remodel in Miami. You would be surprised.

Not Considering More Than One Cook

You would be surprised at how many people never think about this. Honestly, you probably do not see this as a problem, except when you have family or friends over for a holiday, birthday party, graduation, baby shower or some special occasion.

We have much more tips and about interior design when it comes to a kitchen renovation, but you’ll have to follow our blog for more or contact us if you need help.

MIA Construction Services is a interior design company located in Miami. We would love to help you with your kitchen remodel in Miami.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install in Miami Ideas

Kitchens around the world are cluttered beyond belief. Most of the time, this clutter comes from the fact that we spend so much time in the kitchen and everything ends up piling up. However, other times, the clutter comes from the fact that we simply do not have the proper storage space to put everything in this room.

There are three different cabinets you must install today to quiet the clutter in your kitchen. You will instantly love the results and the fact that you have your kitchen back to how it should be once more.

New Kitchen Cabinet Install in Miami 3 Ideas

  1. Recycling and Trash Cabinets

Having multiple trash and recycling cans laying out all around your kitchen is going to take up a lot of space. If you are tired of tripping over them, and looking at them, we recommend finally taking the time to install cabinets to corral them all.

It is best to place this type of cabinet near your kitchen sink and prep area, so it is easy to toss things as you prepare meals. However, if that simply won’t work for you, place them wherever you have the space. Once you have these cabinets installed, you will never need to worry about tripping over a can, having a can spill over, or having a child or animal rummaging through it ever again.

  • Drawers with Organizers

Sometimes the best cabinets are those that pull out. After all, it is much easier to look for something when you do not need to pull everything in the cabinet out! Simply add an organizer to each drawer you have installed, and your clutter will automatically disappear! If you need even more storage than what you think drawers can give you, we have a solution. The new two-tiered drawers will give you so many storage options that you may not be able to fill them all.

  • Cabinet Underneath Your Sink

The cabinet underneath the kitchen sink always gets a bad rap. While most people either ignore this storage space, or stuff it to the gills with anything and everything, we must tell you there is a better way. To keep this area organized, we recommend installing pullout baskets to keep your items in. You can easily pull the baskets out to find what you are looking for and never lose anything in the process. Towel bars will keep towels in place, while a tilt out tray is perfect for sponges and brushes.

These are three new kitchen cabinet install in Miami Ideas if you have a cluttered kitchen in Miami. While they won’t make your clutter completely disappear, they will help you stay more organized since everything will have its place.

Call MIA Construction services today and let us show you how we can turn your kitchen cabinets into ones you have been dreaming about for years!

MIA Construction services specializes in new kitchen cabinet installs in Miami – Dade counties.

Miami Guest Bathroom Remodel

Whether you have guests in your home for a couple hours or a couple nights, you are going to want to eventually do a Miami guest bathroom remodel. A few simple updates can create a space that your guests will love. The best part is all the updates you make will increase the value of your home when you do decide to sell in the future.

4 Ideas For Your Miami Guest Bathroom Remodel

  1. Minor Updates

You do not need major updates to make your guest bathroom feel more welcoming to your guests. A new vanity, vertical storage, and a fresh coat of paint will go a long way with making your bathroom look like new.

  • Add Lots of Lighting

Your guests are going to need different types of lighting in your guest bathroom, so provide it to them. Install lighting around the mirror, over the shower and bathtub, and even some lighting around the room that can be dimmed. You can never have too much lighting in a bathroom, so do not think that you can go overboard on this project.

  • Keep the Room Airy and Light

You may love bold colors, but a guest bathroom is not the place to go completely bold. Neutral colors should be used in this space. However, you can add a few brighter accents for pops of color. You can also choose materials with texture to keep the room from feeling too sterile.

  • Create Extra Storage and Space

In the first idea, we mentioned installing vertical storage. That idea ties into this one, because guests are always going to need a little extra space if they are staying for a couple days. This means you will want to have a couple extra cabinets or drawers for those things your guests want to unpack. Open shelving, hooks, and other places to store their items can also be helpful.

This is not the place to store all your extra bathroom items. While it can be helpful to have bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in this space, make sure it is only one bottle of each. That would give your guests enough space to put their own if they brought them.

These four ideas will have you creating the perfect Miami guest bathroom remodel for your guests. We can help you incorporate all these ideas into your guest bathroom, as well as any others you may have. At the end, we guarantee you will love this room so much that you may want to use it when you do not have guests!

MIA Construction specializes in Miami guest bathroom remodels in Miami Dade county.

Create The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen In Miami

When you live in a gorgeous destination like Miami, you probably want to spend as much time outside in the sunshine and fresh air as possible. While you can easily do this as you swim in the pool, go to the beach, and walk around the city, you can also do it a lot more in your backyard if you install an outdoor kitchen in Miami.

Imagine being out in your backyard when it is time to make a meal, and instead of walking into your home to cook, you simply go to your outdoor kitchen and whip up a meal. It’s the best of both worlds, because you can have home cooked yumminess without needing to stop having fun!

Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen in Miami

Did you know that your outdoor kitchen space in Miami can have pretty much everything you have in an indoor kitchen? It’s true! You can easily put anything in this space, and we can help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Counters and Cabinets

Counters and cabinets are a must in an outdoor kitchen space, because you need a place to keep things when you are not using them and a place to prepare your meals on. The location of your outdoor kitchen, whether out in the open or under an awning, will determine what types of countertops and cabinets you can use. After all, you want them to last a long time if they are out in the elements!


You can go simple with your appliances or you can go crazy and install anything and everything. It is completely up to you, so consider the space you have and which items you will actually use as you are cooking outside. A few of our favorite appliances for outdoor kitchen in Miami include refrigerators, ovens, stove tops, grills, smokers, flat tops with griddles, and pizza ovens.


You cannot have an outdoor kitchen without electricity! While you will need electricity to run some of your appliances, you will also need it for lighting. This will ensure you can use your outdoor kitchen at any time of the day or night.

Dining Area

If you already have a deck or patio space near where your new outdoor kitchen will be located, you can use that as your dining area. However, you may want to create a bar area in your new outdoor kitchen. Your guests, or family, can sit at this bar, so you can all chat as you are preparing something to eat or drink.

There are so many possibilities with creating an outdoor kitchen in Miami and we can’t wait to help you design yours today! Give us a call and let’s see what we can do to keep you outside in Miami this year!

Mia Construction Services is located in Miami, FL. We specialize in outdoor kitchen in Miami installs and more.

Tips For Master Bathroom Remodel in Miami

Your master bathroom remodel in Miami should be an oasis that you love walking into every day. However, if you are finding that you are spending less time in there, because you simply hate walking through the door, we can help you solve that problem!

Tips For Master Bathroom Remodel in Miami

  1. Install a New Countertop on Your Vanity

A new countertop can add a little visual appeal to your master bathroom. We recommend choosing a piece of marble or quartz material that looks like marble for a luxurious appearance. However, if that won’t match the décor in this space, we recommend going with quartz or granite pattern you absolutely love. Of course, if you do not like your vanity, we recommend changing that at the same time you replace your countertop.

  • Install a New Light Fixture or Two

Sometimes, all you need to do is change the lighting in your bathroom to see it in a new light! Swapping out light fixtures, or adding new lighting options in this space, can increase the amount of light you have. If you have been struggling to see while doing certain tasks in your master bathroom, this quick tip should be at the top of your list!

  • Create New Storage Space in Your Shower

There are a multitude of caddies available for showers nowadays, so there is no reason why you should have bottles lined up on the side of your tub or inside the bottom of your shower. We recommend going through all those bottles first, so you can throw out anything you don’t use or any bottles that are empty. Then you can determine which type of caddy will fit your needs the most.

  • Install New Faucets

A new faucet on your sink, or a new shower wand in your shower, can work wonders in your master bathroom. It is easy to switch faucets out, so you may find that you are spending more time with us as you pick out which faucet you love the most.

While the choice is yours, we do recommend that you choose a faucet that has the same finish as the other fixtures in this space, These four tips will spruce up your master bathroom remodel in Miami in no time at all. We can go over other options with you as well, because there are so many easy things you can do to enjoy this part of your home once again!

MIA Construction Services is located in Miami, FL. We specialize in master bathroom remodel in Miami and several other cities throughout Miami-Dade county.

Miami Bathroom Remodel 4 Looking to Age? Things You Need to Consider

As you get older, you must make some decisions that will affect the rest of your life.  One of those decisions will be whether or not you want to stay in your current home or move into one that is easier for you to maneuver through. 

If you are like many other people, the thought of leaving the home you have been living in for years is unthinkable.  We completely understand this and that is the main reason why we encourage people to consider making their bathroom, and other areas of their home, a little more user friendly.  After all, you may need a little extra help as you get older, but you won’t notice it as much if you take a few necessary steps now. 

4 Things to Consider for Your Miami Bathroom Remodel if You are Looking to Age in Place

Install a Shower Seat

One of the best things you can do for your future is to have a shower seat installed in your bathroom.  This will ensure you can enjoy a nice relaxing hot shower even if you cannot stand for it.  You may need to replace your shower to get a shower seat inside, but that will be worthwhile in the future.  If you do need to replace your current shower, we recommend installing one that has the slightest of steps.  This will make it easier for you to get in and out as you get older. 

  1. Install Grab Bars

Do you know how you feel unsteady on your feet when you are sick?  Well, you will feel like that more and more in the future when you get older.  Installing grab bars in your shower will allow you to hold on when you have difficulty going from a standing to sitting position or vice versa.  You can place these grab bars next to the toilet or sink, and in the shower, to help you stay steady on your feet at all times. 

  • Install a Raised Toilet Seat

It is not always easy to get down onto a toilet seat, which is why we recommend installing a raised toilet seat.  These are quite easy to install and can wait until you are a little further along in your renovations. 

  • Install Non-Slip Floors

If you have a flooring material that gets slippery when wet in your bathroom right now, we recommend replacing it with a material that is non-slip.  There are many different types of non-slip tiles available nowadays, so you will not need to settle for something that doesn’t match the rest of your décor. 

These four things will have you aging in place in Miami long into the future and you will never need to worry about whether you can stay in your home once these things are in place.  We would be more than happy to talk to you about what else you can do to make your home elderly friendly, so give us a call for your Miami Bathroom Remodel and we will set up a time to go over it all. 

Consider These Easy Updates to Improve the Efficiency of Your Kitchen and Bathroom In Miami

Mornings can be hectic for many families and while you may think there is nothing you can do to get everything flowing better, we can tell you that there are a few tricks you can use to make your home a calmer place as the sun is rising in the sky.  While you can make many changes throughout your home, we recommend focusing on your kitchen and bathroom first, because the results will be lifechanging!

Easy Updates to Improve the Efficiency of Your Kitchen and Bathroom in Miami

Create a Coffee Station

Coffee is a big part of most people’s mornings, so why not create a space that has everything you need for the perfect cup of joe in one place?  Simply find an out-of-the-way section of you counter or a side table and set up your coffeemaker, cups, coffee, sugar, and even spoons.  Now all you need to do is arrive in this one spot in the morning and you will be enjoying your first few sips in no time at all. 

Add More Storage to Your Shower

How many times have you had a child, or spouse, yell out of the shower that they forgot to grab something before getting in?  We are going to guess more times than you can count!  Instead of having multiple shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles all over your bathroom, as well as other necessity items, you should create more storage inside your shower.  We are not talking about those small shower caddies that always fall off the walls.  Instead, we recommend adding a fiberglass and resin shower caddy that tucks into the corner of your shower.

Add Sconces to Improve the Lighting in Your Bathroom

Getting ready in the morning in Miami can be a challenge if everyone is fighting for the best light in the bathroom.  We recommend installing a few sconces, or other task lighting options, so you can all see during this busy time of the day. 

Hang Most-Used Utensils on the Wall in Your Kitchen

There is nothing worse than cracking the eggs and then letting them burn as you search and search for a spatula in your kitchen drawers.  You will never lose a spatula, or another one of your most-used utensils in the kitchen again if you hang them on the wall.  Doing this will allow you to grab them right when you need them, so you can spend more time eating and less time cleaning up and starting over again.  These four things will help you make your mornings more efficient in Miami, so try to make these changes as soon as you can.  We know you will be surprised at how much calmer your mornings are when they are completed.  Let us know how we can help you make your mornings much easier and we will get started right away.

Pool Installation in Miami Plans FYI

Having a pool in Miami is a blessing and the time has come for you to get one. But have you made sufficient plans or know what to do?

If you are considering adding a pool to your property, planning is important. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration before taking the plunge and buying a pool. You will need to establish a budget, learn about the different types of pools and what will work best for your property, find someone reputable to build or install the pool, and more.

If you are considering an above ground pool, you may be able to perform the installation yourself with the help of some friends. However in-ground pools are likely to require a qualified pool builder. Before making a decision to purchase a pool, take the following into consideration.

Either way MIA Construction Services is here to help. We are pool installation in Miami experts. Our general contractors are specialists and will take care of you.

We wanted to tell you a few things. So, here we go…

Pool Installation in Miami FYI

Let’s be honest, a pool will cost a considerable amount of money and is not generally an investment in which you will recoup the money spent.

You need a permit. In the city of Miami, you cannot build anything without a building permit. Luckily, we know Miami Permit Expediters. They can help you get your permit, fast

Make a list. We suggest that you make a wish list of the features you would really like and then decide what is feasible.

Set a budget. While you may have a wish list of features you would like your pool to have, they may not be within budget.

Set a budget. Set a budget and stick to it.

Research. Do some research on the different types of pools. There are several types of above ground pools as well as in-ground pools. The build type is just one part of it. There is also filtering and cleaning systems.  Since we are pool installation in Miami experts, we can help you with this.

Features. Your pool does not have to be boring. You can install a heater, jets, rocks, a cave… all sorts of things. Are you looking to create a relaxing retreat space? Consider these questions when planning a pool to establish a clear sense of purpose that will help in your planning.

Think about shape. Most people do not think about this, but shape is very important. If you like to swim laps, a rectangle is best. Your pool can enhance your homes aesthetic. If this is the case, you may want a cool shape. It will enhance the landscaping as well.

Insurance is important. Most people do not think about this, but a pool on your property may affect your homeowners insurance, and even if it does not, your insurance company should be informed that it is being installed. We can help you with this. We do pool installations in Miami frequently.

Now that we told you all of this, do you feel well informed? We hope you do. There is so much more that we can tell you.

Let us know if you need help.

MIA Construction Services are general contractors in Miami, FL. We are pool installation in Miami experts.

Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020 in Miami

Considering New Bathroom Tile? Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020 in Miami

Tile is one of the best options that you can choose from for bathrooms, but there are a ton of different ones for you to choose from.  In fact, you may find yourself aimlessly wandering around a tile store for hours with no clue of which tile you love the most, let alone which ones work within your budget. 

Thankfully, your contractor can help you through this process.  We assure you that this is true, because this is what we do with all our clients.  Of course, you can always have a head start with this by checking out the tile trends in Miami for 2020. 

Check Out These Tile Trends for 2020

Subway Tile Accents

Subway tiles are the most versatile tiles that you can use in a bathroom, because they are classic and timeless.  These tiles are available in many different colors and patterns, but the most popular ones are white.  We recommend choosing contrasting, yet complimentary, colors to create an elegant look that you will love forever. 

Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles cover a larger area, which means that you will need fewer of them in this space.  This type of tile can be an excellent option if you are working with a strict budget.  Large format tiles are also good if you want to make a small bathroom look larger or if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing individual tiles. 

Glass Mosaic Accents

While tiles look amazing in bathrooms, there is nothing better than creating an accent area using glass mosaics.  This accent area can be done as a stripe, a rectangle, and even an entire wall.  The glass mosaics will add visual appeal, a pop of color, and even a shine to what would otherwise be a basic look. 

When you are looking at all the tile options mentioned above, you will need to make a decision of where the tiles are going in your bathroom.  We usually recommend deciding where you will be installing tiles long before you venture out to look at them, because it makes the entire process much easier. 

After all, if you need tiles for the floors, walls, and inside the shower, you may consider different tiles than you would if you only needed tile for inside the shower or only on the floor. 

Choosing tiles can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming, but a little patience will have you enjoying a completed bathroom of your dreams in no time at all!

4 Options for Shower and Tub Bathroom Remodel in Miami

Do You Hate Your Shower/Tub Combo? Consider These Possibilities During a Bathroom Renovation!

Do you sigh every time you walk into your bathroom and see your shower and bathtub combo?  We understand, and feel, your pain, because we know how horrendous some of these combos truly are!

If you have been waiting to change things up in your bathroom, now is the perfect time to make a few changes you will love!

Consider These 4 Options for Your Shower and Tub During a Bathroom Remodel in Miami

  1. Separate Your Shower and Bathtub

If you happen to have the space in your bathroom, or you can knock out a wall and make this space larger, we recommend separating your bathtub and shower.  You can then install a soaking tub and walk-in shower, so you have the best of both worlds. 

  • Get Rid of the Bathtub

Sometimes, bathtubs are completely useless in bathrooms, especially when you never use them.  If you never use your bathtub, then there is nothing wrong with you getting rid of it and installing a walk-in shower instead.  The only time we recommend not doing this is when it is the only bathroom in your home, because it will affect your resale value. 

  • Re-Tile Your Shower Walls

There are times where all you need to make you fall in love with your shower and bathtub again is new tile.  Simply have all the old tile torn out and replace it with tiles that you love.  Maybe the tile will be a different shape or maybe you will choose a different color.  The options are endless when it comes to tiles and you will be amazed at how much better your bathroom will look when you are finished. 

  • Tear Everything Out and Start Over

When your bathtub and shower are beyond repair, you may have no choice but to tear it all out and start over.  Yes, you will still have a combination shower and bathtub when you are finished, but you will have tiles or sleek walls that are easier to clean.  Plus, since you can choose what you want it to look like when it is done, you will love the results!

As you can see, there are so many things you can do when you are tired of looking at your shower and bathtub combo.  All you need to do is work with a contractor and decide which of these options are best for you and your bathroom remodel in Miami and before you know it, you will be loving this space once again!